Butt-naked protest for student in Russia against tree felling (video)

Adorned tree with her naked body

A student from the Russian city of Irkutsk has offered an alternative and novel way to celebrate winter holidays, protesting against felling by adorning a tree in the forest… With her naked self.
“It’s not necessary to fell trees to get into a festive mood,” 21-year-old Liana Klevtsova wrote on her page in the social network, Vkontakte. Much better to decorate a tree in its natural environment, she added. To prove her point, the girl – also au naturel – took to a snow-covered Siberian forest and posed next to a fir tree, all shining bright.
The protest has divided the online community, with some applauding the girl and others accusing her of “self-promotion.” Klevtsova has previously revealed her body in various demonstrations, having protested both against high gasoline prices and low bus fares, according to the KP daily.

source: RT