Canada and Australia most positive influence in the world, global survey shows (infographic)

18,000 people from 25 nations polled

The U.S. is increasingly being overlooked as a positive influence on the world stage, according to a survey from Ipsos MORI. 18,000 people were polled in 25 nations and only 40 percent of them felt that the U.S. has a strong or somewhat positive influence on global affairs. That was far behind its northern neighbor Canada, which was seen as setting a good global example by 81 percent of the survey’s respondents.

The U.S. also trailed China and it dropped 24 percentage points since last year’s survey. That’s primarily due to faltering global confidence in President Trump’s leadership as well as rising skepticism about his “America First” policies. Canada, Germany and France are seen as remaining relatively neutral amid a global tidal wave of nationalistic populism. Amid the ongoing Brexit saga, both Britain and the European Union are seen as having positive influence by 57 percent of people. Israel and Iran are only seen as having a good global influence by 32 and 21 percent of people respectively.

source: statista