Amazing Zlatan Ibrahimovic goal in his debut in the USA! (video of incredible goal)

He scored two goals to help his team come from 3 goals down to win local LA derby

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is a special kind of athlete. You either love him or hate him, as many coaches along his illustrious career did. The Swedish, 36-year-old striker has always been at the centre of media attention for all his life. After a career full of titles and success at the top level for the best European clubs, Zlatan made the big move across the pond and signed with Los Angeles Galaxy of the U.S Major League Soccer (MLS). Some said it was just another move by another “has been” player on the brink of hanging up his boots and getting a fat check in the process The incredible character that is Zlatan, however, who once said he could only be compared to lions, not humans, proved the naysayers all wrong. There could not have been a better script for his debut in the US. In his first match in the US against city rivals Los Angeles, Zlatan scored two goals coming off the bench to help his team come from 3 goals down to win 4-3! His first goal that drew the match level at 3-3 was a classic Ibra goal, as the 1.95m tall player struck the ball to perfection from halfway passed the goalkeeper. It was only fitting after that goal that he scored the winner in the dying seconds of the match before an elated home crowd.