Commission: SYRIZA leaves behind a financial “bomb” €4,75bn!

It will “blow up” it in the hands of the next government

SYRIZA is trying to place a fiscal bomb of around 4,75 billion Euros in the foundations of this year’s budget as well as the and the next budget that will “blow up” it in the hands of the next government. In the third evaluation report prepared by the European Commission, the publication of which the government tried to avoid, it is written that this year’s budget gap is 1% of GDP (1,9 billion) and 1,5% for 2020 (2,85 billion) against the primary surplus target of 3,5%.

According to the same well-informed sources in Brussels, the announcements to be held next Wednesday, June 5, will estimate that the poor execution of the budget and the impact of the Zappeio package will reduce this year’s primary surplus to 3% of GDP and the following year to 2,5%.

The report notes that the reduction in VAT on certain products and services, processed products and energy will cost well above the € 441 million predicted by the government’s calculations. Also, the arrangements for 120 installments for tax and social security funds, instead of a 292 million euros revenue calculated by the government, will be a burden on this year’s budget.

The report also comments on other measures adopted, such as the retirement allowance, which shows that its costs are not covered by the medium-term projections, in order to make the measure permanent, as announced by the government.