Coronavirus cases in Greece reach 1.673, 60 new cases, 9 new losses

“Deaths represent the picture of the epidemic about 2-3 weeks ago”

Sixty new coronavirus cases were added, infectious diseases professor and Health Ministry spokesman Sotiris Tsiodras announced on Saturday.

In his daily briefing, Tsiodras said that Greece now has 1.673 confirmed coronavirus-infected people, 55% of which are men, while 343 are related to trips abroad and 592 are related to a known case.

Ninety-two patients are in the ICU, with their average age been 66 years old.

A total of 70% of the patients have some underlying conditions or they are over 70 years old.

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Ten of patients have exited the ICUs.

“We have 9 deaths in the last few hours and 68 in total, of which 19 are women,” Mr Tsiodras said.

“A pandemic is unfolding before our eyes. Deaths represent the picture of the epidemic about 2-3 weeks ago. They represent that a significant percentage of those who enter the ICUs don’t make it”, he continued.