Croatian insult! “We must first agree how many goals we will score against the Greeks & then come out to play”!

After the insult, comes the Nemesis!


Tsiro Blazevic, who has written his own great story in Croatian football and as a national coach, is facing the 2018 World Cup playoff games against Greece as a typical process and spoke with arrogance against the Greek National team…

Why do you think the Greeks are a difficult opponent? Look at the FIFA ranking. Look where they are and where we are. What do you talk about traditions and that we do not often win them? It is time to stop these traditions. It is simple: we are much better and we will qualify. We will go to Russia via Greece.

To say this metaphorically, we must first agree on how many goals we will score against the Greeks and then come out to play the two games. Just think who we are and break them down on the court. If we think we can lose to Greece, we better stop playing football. We are the absolute favorite, we are much better at everything and it is up to us“, said Blazevich, who had passed through the PAOK’s bench.