Dan Bilzerian lost $6 million on a flip of a coin! (video-photos)

Reacted as if nothing had happened

The self-proclaimed King of Instagram, Dan Bilzerian, built up his reputation through being a cocky poker player. He might not be where he is today without amassing a huge fortune from his gambling – which has allowed him to buy private jets and fly all over the world with a seemingly endless supply of gorgeous women.
His younger brother taught him how to play cards when he was 22-years-old and in the 14 years since, he’s placed some incredible wagers, with ones paying serious dividends, and others leaving him frustrated.
But he’s told In Depth with Graham Bensinger about the time he bet $6 million on the flip of a coin.
According to the 36-year-old, he literally made a heads or tails bet that was worth more than some people would ever make in their entire working lives. Some might scream at the idea of losing that much money, that quickly, however Dan’s reaction was ‘whatever’ and he continued about his life.

source: ladbible.com