Death toll at Mandra rises to 16, four people are still missing! (Upd.)

Police arrests people who tried to loot the destroyed businesses and houses


The police arrested four people who tried to loot businesses and houses, although residents of the area report that there are many more who are trying to grab anything they can.



One more dead body was recovered at Mandra after the heavy rains caused floods for the second day in a row.

The people killed has reached the number of 16, while four more people a missing with the authorities fearing the worst.

The search operations continue, while at the same time there are civil protection units that try to clear the roads fro the mud, the cars and everything else the mountains washed down on the town of Mandra at the outskirts of Athens.

Most of the people who lost their lives got trapped in their basement apartments.

The Prime Minister visited the area as did the leader of the main opposition party New Democracy, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, as well.

The PM Mr. Alexis Tsipras has declared a three day National Mourning for the unprecedented, for Greece’s standards, disaster.