Drone footage disproves police claims of 60,000 at Macedonia rally (drone videos)

The user uploaded the footage on his YouTube channel

Despite the fact that the official announcement by the Greek police estimated the number of protesters against the Prespes Agreement at Syntagma Square at around 60,000 on Sunday, drone footage uploaded online revealed a different story.
As can be clearly seen in the aerial videos uploaded by Nikos Lygeros, one of the speakers at the rally on Sunday, on his YouTube channel, the real number of people was substantially larger.
The people had gathered in front of the Greek parliament to voice their opposition to the planned deal between Greece and FYROM, which concedes the term “Macedonia” to the small nation on Greece’s northern borders.
“Those who are hiding in parliament know their time is up”, said Lygeros yesterday, addressing the huge crowd before riots erupted between police and a small group of masked individuals.
As he noted, “the parliament of the Greeks is here and not on the other side. We will restore the truth. Even if they ratify the Prespes Agreement’s draft bill, we will nullify it, no matter what they do”, he said.