Education Ministry included “Fake News” column in official site!

The question is who decides what is or is not “fake news”

The Greek Education Ministry has added a new category in its official site titled “Fake News”. This includes news, information, publications, statements related to education matters published in electronic and print media that the Ministry deems to be either contains inaccurate news or is invalid.
As of October, next to the columns that include the daily announcements of each ministry with the statements by ministers, legislation, parliamentary scrutiny and press releases, a column called “fake news” has popped up. Typically, ministries issue statements or press releases denying what they believe is inaccurate information or reports considered “fake news”. In the column, ministry staff deconstruct any electronic, digital or print media reports dubbed “inaccurate”.
Many reports have been included in the column from a number of publications such as those on the conditions for foreign students to enrol and the criteria for the choice of signposts at school celebrations, with the comments of the ministry dubbing the claims legally baseless.