Elias Psinakis is the Mayor of Marathon

With 53.86 % – The actress Mary Chronopoulou was on his side – “There are no winners nor losers, Marathon won today,” he said

It might be that Elias Psinakis has neither a political background nor experience in politics, but his personality seems to have inspired the residents of Marathon who elected him mayor during the first round of elections!

With 95 % incorporation, Mr Psinakis and the political formation “Citizens” received 53.86%, ie 8,760 votes, followed by Iordanis Louizos with 28.75 % and Fotis Delivorias with 8.33%.

Mr Psinakis, however, was moderate after his victory and said in Alpha private TV channel: “There are no winners nor losers, Marathon won today”. He also thanked his colleagues for fighting together, but mainly young people who “helped to change things”.

Mr Psinakis appeared during his first statements having on his side the Greek actress Mary Chronopoulou, who expressed her satisfaction and happiness on Mr Psinakis election.