EP President Schulz backs Greek proposals on surplus

Schulz in line with Commissioner Moscovici

The President of the European Parliament, Martin Schulz offered his support to the Greek government concerning the recent announcements by PM Tsipras to provide part of the surplus to alleviate low income social groups in Greece, and expressed his disagreement with the subsequent decision by the EuroGroup to suspend the implementation of the agreed medium-term measures for the Greek debt relief. Schulz underlined that it would “unthinkable” to cause any problems to the negotiations, which could jeopardise the whole of Europe. According to government sources, Mr. Tsipras presented his views on the matter to the EP President, pointing out that reaching a solution as soon as possible was imperative for the good of Europe during a period of uncertainty. The Greek PM said that a compromise could be reached concerning the primary surplus target based on the Greek proposal of 2.5%+1%. He reiterated that it the prerogative of the Greek government to adopt policies that supported social groups in Greece, as they did not violate the fiscal adjustment program.