Epiphany: Metropolitan Ieronymos of Kalavrita & Ambrosios sanctified the sea (videos)

Tensions in Thessaloniki

The metropolitan of Aigialeia and Kalavrita, Ieronymos, accompanied by the former Ambrosios of Kalavrita, sanctified the waters in the sea, in Aigio honouring the celebration of Epiphany despite the coronavirus measures.

The ceremony took place in Aigio, in the presence of believers, and in fact two swimmers fell into the water to catch the cross.

The Coast Guard intervened, following a prosecutor’s order and imposed a fine of 1,500 euros on the Metropolitan and 300 euros on the two young men, based on the relevant protection provisions against covid-19.

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In Thessaloniki there was tension shortly after 11:00′ in Nea Paralia by the sea when some citizens tried to throw the Cross into the sea on their own to honour the tradition the Epiphany with the Police intervening.

According to GRTimes.gr, despite the effort of the police, the citizens finally were successful in their attempt and afterwards they were brought in to the Police station.