Erdogan: We are a sad nation like in the past when we lost lands with the Lausanne Treaty (video)

Speech in Ankara

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan raised the issue of revising the Lausanne Treaty once more, in a speech before a crowd at a Convention Centre in the city of Bestepe in Ankara. “We are living a similar state of sorrow as when we lost lost lands in the Lausanne Treaty”, Erdogan underlined commenting on the terrorist attacks. “Turkey is a sad nation, like then (Lausanne Treaty)”, adding that contrary to the past, Turks now were facing an asymmetrical attack, with the terrorist groups acting as a mere pawn in this struggle. “It is the driving force behind our main challenge for us, which is to divide our nation. If we stop, however, we will find ourselves in the situation we were with the Treaty of Serves”, he said. The 1923 Lausanne Treaty was forced on a collpasing Ottoman Empire and provided the settlement of territories between the former Ottoman Empire and bordering countries, including Greece.