Euromonitor: The world’s most visited cities in 2017 (infographic)

Greece benefits from instability in the Middle East

The latest Euromonitor data, as cited by World Economic Forum (WEF), has revealed the most visited cities in the world for 2017. Top of the list again, and due largely to domestic visits from mainland China, is Hong Kong. A huge 26.6 million people spent at least one night visiting the city last year – a long way ahead of second-placed Bangkok with 21.2 million. Breaking up Asia’s dominance in the top half of the list is London, which hosted 19.2 million tourists.
Euromonitor says the performances of European cities have been affected by recent events such as the Eurozone crisis, the influx of refugees, Brexit and terrorist attacks.
But tourist magnets such as London and Paris remain resilient. And some destinations in Greece, Italy and Spain saw growth during 2016 as a result of unrest in the Middle East and North Africa.
Despite suffering terror attacks and the political turbulence around Brexit, London was Europe’s most visited city in 2016 with 19.2 million visitors.

source: statista