EuroGroup President: Social security matter still “open”

Matter to be discussed at November 7 EuroGroup meeting

Despite reassurances by Greek Labour Minister George Katrougalos that the social security issue had been decided upon with Greece’s creditors and no more cuts were planned, a letter by Eurogroup President Jeroen Dijsselbloem revealed that the issue would be on the November 7 Eurogroup meeting agenda.

The letter stressed that addressing the social security issue, along with the budget and privatisations, was a key component for the completion of the second review by the institutions of the 3rd Greek bailout program. The letter also informed of the next visit of the institutions to Greece, which is scheduled to take place between November 14 and 21. It also makes reference to a wide range of measures linked to the second review, including reforms in social security and the labour market.

Finally, the letter points out the Greek government has vowed to expedite the completion of the second review, while it also stresses that following the disbursement of the 2.8 billion euros by the ESM to Greece, after the implementation of the 15 prior actions, the way was paved for “an intervention on the Greek debt decided at the May 24 Eurogroup meeting”.