Events for August full moon throughout Greece

Acropolis and Cape Sounion again at the forefront of what’s turned into an annual rite

Events at nearly 100 archaeological sites, museums and monuments around Greece are scheduled for the evening of Saturday, Aug. 29, which marks the full moon of summer’s last month.
Events, including concerts, have been a recent tradition in Greece to mark the August full moon, essentially an unofficial milestone commemorating the end of the year’s summer season, when most vacationers have returned home, when pupils consider that schools will soon open — or, in this case — when Greek voters look forward to another … snap election in September.
Besides musical concerts, film showings, theatrical plays, art exhibitions, tours and even astronomy lectures are among the events planned for this Saturday.
As usual, the Acropolis in Athens is the premier archaeological site for the “full moon” series of events, with a ” tango argentinο” dance performance to take place at the site’s entrance promenade. The New Acropolis Museum will also be open to the public until midnight, with entrance free after 8 p.m.
Other major sites participating in the events include the Temple of Poseidon at Cape Sounion; a jazz night at the Numismatic Museum in central Athens; musical scores from well-known movies at the Kerameikos site, and concerts at the Elefsis and Vraonas archaeological sites, in western and eastern Attica prefecture, respectively.

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