Ex Greek MP: I am grateful to Covid-19 for cleansing planet from “Trumpism” and “stupidity”

The ex MP said he was grateful the virus would cleanse Greece from Syriza thought

An unfortunate Facebook comment by a former Greek MP who said he was “grateful” for the Covid-19 virus as it would “cleanse” the country and the planet from “Trump-thought”, “Johnson-thought”, “Syriza-thought”, “conspiracy-mongering”, “stupidity” and “populism” has caused an online backlash.

Former River Party MP Grigoris Psarianos, radio host and producer, who is known for his provocative, bordering on insulting, comments wrote on his Facebook wall: “Whether I make it through this or not, if I kick the bucket…knock wood! I will be grateful to this slimy virus-germ …It will somehow cleanse the country and the planet from stupidity, populism, syriziaism, conspiracy theory mongering, Johnson-Trumpism, religiosity…Bless you! ”