Extremists in Albania attack the Greek National Minority of the country!

There has been detected a increased presence of Islamists in areas where the minority resides

After the reports from the villages of Dropoli in Northern Epirus, Southern Albania, of numerous robberies exclusively on Greek villages and lootings of Greek families’ houses, the phenomenon is spreading to all Greek inhabited areas taking really dangerous dimensions.

The “brain” behind this series of attacks, is Tahir Veliu who leads an organization called “Movement for the United Albania”. He personally along with other members of his group, made a simbolic gesture too, when he literarily lowered and then burned the Greek flag from the church of the Greek village of Georgousates, in his obvious attempt to send a “message” to the Greek population of the area that reside there for centuries, way before the establishment of the Albanian state.
These phenomena have created a lot of tension among the political world of Albania. The Greek MP Vangelis Doules exchanged harsh words with the Interior Minister Tahiri on the subject:

You tolerate these criminals, but we will not tolerate you“, he said to the minister who simply does not seem interested about the hard conditions the members of the Greek minority experience every day.

However, what is really disturbing is the series of reports about the presence of fanatic Islamists through the funding for Mosques in the mixed (Greek – Muslim) villages Hotza created among the purely Greek populated area in order to change the demographics there, in absolute violation of the UN Chart on the Ethnic Minority Rights.
There one can see among small, old and poor houses a big luxurious -guarded(!)- Mosque, at the entrance of the village…

What is relatively strange, is the fact that there seems to be a direct cooperation between Islamists -who generally do not care about their national origins- and Albanian Nationalists. It is well known that a great number of Albanians have been fighting in Syria and many have returned to their country, trained, experienced, radicalized but without forgetting their nationalistic fantasies…
This is a dangerous and rather…”original” mix, that according to the evidence at hand has a clear goal the terrorization of the Greek National Minority of Albania in order to make them leave the area, in practically a “soft” ethnic cleansing…