Farmers’ representatives to discuss meeting outcomes with farmers at roadblocks

They stated they had a “meaningful debate” with prime minister on all issues, although they stated the government did not step back

The representatives of the farmers met on Monday with Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras to discuss their demands and their proposals on social security and tax system sent a few days ago.

Following the meeting they stated they had a “meaningful debate” with prime minister on all issues adding that they will discuss the meeting outcomes with the farmers at the roadblocks.

However, according to other representatives of the farmers who took part in the meeting, the government did not step back adding that “we are very far from reaching an agreement”.


According to sources, Mr. Tsipras suggested reductions in the tax-free amount for farmers from 12,000 euros to 9,500 euros and contribution percentage from 20% to 16%.


“The majority of the roadblocks and farmer labour actions were represented at the meeting and we had an honest discussion,” government spokesperson Olga Gerovassili said after the meeting, adding that the government made clear to farmers’ delegation that it will take immediate measures to protest the farmers “even within the difficult situation which is known to all Greek citizens.”

Mrs. Gerovasili went on to outline 25 measures which were also presented to the delegation which she said “concern all farmers and their activities with an emphasis on small and medium-sized producers.”

The measures include a gradual increase of social security contributions for a smoother transition to the projected level in 2021 and the establishing of a tax-free threshold for small and medium-sized producers.