Ferrari mechanic break leg during Bahrain F-1 pit stop! (warning: distressing video)

Mechanic is recovering in hospital

Ferrari mechanic Francesco Cigorini suffered a broken leg when he was run over by Kimi Raikkonen during a pit stop in the Bahrain Grand Prix.
Ferrari’s pit system showed a green light to Raikkonen, indicating he could exit the pits, despite mechanics not having changed his left rear wheel.
Cigorini suffered a fracture of the tibia and fibula in his left leg and was taken to hospital.
Ferrari have been fined 50,000 euros by race officials for an unsafe release.
The incident forced Raikkonen’s retirement from third place because it is forbidden to return to the track with tyres of different compounds on the car.

Ferrari have declined to say what went wrong to cause their pit system to trigger the green light until governing body the FIA has completed its investigation into the incident.
The team will want to know what caused the normal fail-safes that all teams have built into their procedures to be overridden in the circumstances of the stop.
Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel won the race to take a 17-point championship lead over Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton but said the incident had left “mixed feelings”.