Fire in Moria Reception & Identification Center – Reports for three casualties (videos- photos) (Upd.3)

The fire started by the migrants in their attempt to leave the Moria Center

UPDATE 3: According to new information the fire started when the refugees and illegal immigrants clashed with the police asking to leave the Moria Center and set fire to containers on the site.

There are still clashes between the two sides.

The fire went out with the aid of firefighting airplanes.

UPDATE 2: Clashes have erupted when the migrants heard that there may be casualties from the fire. The police was forced to use tear gases making the breathing for everyone even worse as the thick black smoke was already overwhelming.

UPDATE 1: According to unconfirmed information three people have been killed in the fire, among them a mother and her child.

More information soon…


A fire broke out at about 16.45 pm in the Moria Reception and Identification Center in Lesvos, causing panic among the refugees and migrants.

The area is covered with black smoke and according to photos posted by a member of Doctors Without Borders on Facebook, a container can be seen in flames.

Reports indicate that refugees and illegal immigrants residing in the Reception and Identification Center do not allow the fire brigade to operate on the site.

There are 3 vehicles with 8 firefighters on the spot.

The Moria camp has been expanded due to the overcrowding of refugees and illegal immigrants, exceeding at least four times the initial capacity.