Fires rage in Drama, Serres and Chalkidiki

Fire department sends large units to deal with flames

Three separate forest fires have broken out in Serres, Cassandra in Chalkidiki and Drama. Firefighters have been deployed to all three regions in an effort to contain the flames, while the blaze in Cassandra is close to a settlement, but residential areas are in no danger, according to the fire department. 45 firefighters, 22 vehicles and 17 members of a land unit are all involved in the operations. The fire in Serres is located close to the railway tracks, with the firefighters evacuating a hotel for precautionary reasons. 16 firefighters and 8 vehicles are operating in the area. Finally, the fire in Drama is located close to the Monastiraki region, with strong winds making it difficult for the 48 firefighters and 18 vehicles to bring the blaze under control.