First permanent ice hotel to open in Sweden

The coolest resort in the world!

The first permanent year-round ice hotel is preparing to open its doors to the public in Sweden in mid-December this year.
Aptly named Icehotel 365, the resort features 55 rooms, including 20 suites, all of which are made from local, eco-friendly material — namely, 30,000 liters of frozen water from the Torne River.
“Nature and environment are not only a huge source of inspiration for Icehotel, but also a necessity to create the hotel year after year,” the hotel’s website states.
Thankfully, an on-hand solar-powered refrigerating plant keeps the hotel’s ice and snow construction from melting.
In advance of the hotel’s scheduled December 16 opening date, those guests anxious to give the original resort a go were permitted to stay in its art and deluxe suites.
Hotel guests will be able to create their own ice sculptures, swim in the Torne River and sauna, and visit a one-of-a-kind ice gallery featuring the icework of over forty artists, designers and architects from nine countries, all of which will melt back into the river in the spring and be replaced the following winter.
“The guests are a part of something historical,” said Icehotel CEO Yngve Bergqvist. “They inaugurate the first ice hotel in the world that will be open year-round and can experience the finishing touches of the building up close, which is a memory that will last a lifetime. They also have the opportunity to follow the artists who are finalizing sculpting their suites and meet builders, designers and creators — the people who during the past months have endeavored and created Icehotel 365.”
It is not entirely clear whether the hotel has heating or hot water. For such amenities, one might have to wait till the spring.  Which is cool.

Source: UPI