Former Australian pro surfer says she was kidnapped repeatedly raped and forced to recite the Quran

Her ordeal took place in India

Carmen Greentree, a former Australian pro surfer, in her book ‘A Dangerous Pursuit of Happiness’, revealed that she was held captive by a houseboat owner in Jammu and Kashmir for two months, and raped her repeatedly.

She told the Daily Mail Australia that she travelled to India to meet the Dalai Lama in Dharamshala at the age of 22. This was after she failed to make it to the Women’s World Championship Tour in 2003.

Greentree, then known as Carmen Buecher, stated that after arriving in New Delhi, some scammers who posed as government tourism operators conned her in taking a flight to Srinagar. There, she was received by her rapist Rafiq Ahmad Dundoo. He told her that it is dangerous for a woman to be outside alone, and she should stay with him.

Dundoo escorted her to his houseboat named YH Sunbeam, in Dal Lake and told her to spend the night before getting on a bus to Dharamshala. Instead, he took away her passport and belongings, and repeatedly raped her.

Greentree further added that Dundoo’s family, including his wife, parents, brother and children, lived on the same boat, but didn’t help. They made her wear traditional Kashmiri attire and pray five times a day. She was even made to read the Quran.

“The worst feeling was when I gave in and let him take what he wanted. That was the first time he raped me. I was too tired, I couldn’t fight anymore, and I knew he wasn’t going to stop,” she told Daily Mail.