Free space projects for kids (and adults) stuck at home during the coronavirus outbreak

If the coronavirus pandemic has you stuck at home and yearning for some space exploration, NASA’s got you covered

With most of us stuck at home for longer than usual as much of the world is battling the coronavirus pandemic, now is a good time to get caught up on space exploration — no matter what your age or focus.

NASA’s website has a plethora of opportunities for kids and adults alike to learn more about astronomy and spaceflight. Whether you want to be an astronaut, kill some time learning about the universe or help the agency work on future space exploration activities, there’s no lack of things to do.

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So, if you’re looking for a little out-of-this-world escape while you’re stuck at home, here is a list of free space-themed activities from NASA to keep you occupied.

Get involved at NASA

NASA astronaut applications remain open for U.S. citizens interested in the chance to go to space. NASA is recruiting astronauts who may have the chance to land on the moon as a part of the forthcoming Artemis program. You have until March 31 to get your applications ready. NASA aims to put boots on the moon again in 2024, as long as the equipment is ready, the funding is there and the current flight schedule holds.

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