Macron: I back Greece & Cyprus – Mitsotakis: Common condemnation of Turkish provocations

Bilateral cooperation was discussed on a number of issues

Greek PM Kyriakos Motsotakis and French President Emmanuel Macron are making statements in a joint press conference in Paris.

“We have clearly condemned the Turkey-Libya agreement,” said Emmanuel Macron, who announced a visit by the French defence minister to Greece. There will also be joint military exercises on land and at sea, with the aim of guaranteeing security.

Investment issues were also discussed at the meeting. “The point is to boost investment,” he said.

The French president said the two countries converged completely on the matter of immigration. “France will be on your side,” he said on a personal and technical level. “You can rely on our own country,” he added. He also called for a common immigration policy in Europe this year, so as to provide a framework for effective solidarity in welcoming refugees to frontline countries.