Fun begins as Greek parties woo voters for Sept. 20 elections (TV spots)

Which spot do you prefer?

Main opposition conservative New Democracy Party

The central slogan is, “They took us back. Now we are going forward.” The first ND spot is a 26 video that emphasises Greece’s problems over the last seven months. At the end of the video the message is “More on September 6”, a pit-stop in the ND’s campaign.

Another ND spot is focused on the life of an employee in the private sector. She prepares for work while listening to Alexis Tsipras on the radio. She makes her way to her car and hears SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras stating, “We won’t vote for the Memorandum” as she is at the gas station.

Finally, arriving at her office she sees some of her colleagues leave after being dismissed and is told that the dismissals were the result of the capital controls.

The third spot is a video clip showing the life of a shop owner.

“They are playing games on your back,” is the slogan.

Centrist Potami

Potami leader Stavros Theodorakis asks citizens if they will choose a government of barons or children from political families and the political conveyor belt.

Radical Left Coalition (SYRIZA)

Former state minister Nikos Pappas states “We are voting for the one who stands upright.” The message is that despite the difficulties in the negotiations, Greeks came out proud. “We are doing away with the old, winning tomorrow!”

Center Union (Enosi Kentron) 

Center Union leader Vasilis Levendis’ has a spot with symbolisms as Greek and EU flags come tumbling to the ground and a series of messages… “I now know what to do. I get rid of non-performing workers and fight bribes. I liberate the public sector and ease the private sector, and bring investments. I give incentives to healthy businesses to bring deveopment and reduce unemployment.” “Will you be with me?” asks the ad.

Greek Communist Party (KKE)

The spot focuses on lies and the need for change.

Independent Greeks (ANEL)

Part 2 of the spot used in the Jan. 25 elections. This time “little Alexis” has broken his left hand and ANEL leader Panos Kammenos promises to teach him to write equally as well with his right hand.

Socialist PASOK 

The video kicks off with old footage featuring its late founder Andreas Papandreou, and reassuring Greeks that “PASOK is here.” Papandreou’s widow has challenged the spot, asking the party to leave his image alone!