FYROM PM Zaev: Greece and FYROM have never been closer to a solution than now

Mr Zaev interviewed by TV station in FYROM in a long interview

FYROM Prime Minister Zoran Zaev in a full-length interview with Skopje TV station “TV 24” noted that Greece and FYROM (he called it Macedonia) had never been as close to in the past to resolving the name issue than they were today.

He said the two countries were focusing on a geographic identification rather than a time-frame for the solution. He also pointed out that there were still differences between the two countries on the issue of constitutional change, which is also linked to the range of use.

Mr Zaev added that the Greek side had shown an understanding of the identity issue and expressed the conviction that there would be a solution, which, he said, would be put to a referendum to the people of FYROM.