FYROM PM Zaev: We will hold referendum on name dispute with Greece

FYROM PM made statements after leaders’ meeting

The Prime Minister of FYROM, Zoran Zaev expressed his conviction that his country could reach a national consensus, “in the direction of resolving the name problem rather than obstructing its solution or postponing it”. “We all need to know that this problem can be solved, but it may not. Surely the government has the biggest responsibility, but I am convinced that the President of the country, the opposition and all the relevant political actors will have the wisdom to find a solution that will preserve the dignity of our people and our country”, Zaev added after the end of the meeting between the leaders of the political parties under the President of FYROM on Monday. He added that his party, the Social Democratic Union (SDSM) would hold a referendum after an agreement had been reached with Greece on the name dispute.