Government dispels rumours of early elections in non-paper

We will defend the interests of society, says paper

The Greek government dispelled any rumours of early elections in a non-paper it issued on Monday. The announcement underlines that the government will continue to “defend the interests of society” and “does not intend to hand over the country to the whims of the willing”. Titled “The government will not hand over the country to the willing”, the non-paper blasts the media for spreading scenarios of early elections. The document makes reference to PM Alexis Tsipras’s emphatic denial in parliament of the prospect of early elections and that the government would see out its full 4-year term, accusing the Sunday press of immediately printing “imaginary stories about the exact dates of the elections the next day”. “We would like to inform those fueling these scenarios that the government deputies will no way be added to those MPs in ND and PASOK who are prepared accept the unreasonable demands put forward by Schauble and the IMF”, reads the statement.