Government NCRTV candidate rejected by opposition parties

ND says Polydoras does not meet requirements to assume position

The Greek government has proposed former Minister and former MP of conservative major party New Democracy, Vyron Polydoras, as the President of the National Council of Radio and Television (NCRTV), after a meeting with PM Alexis Tsipras and president of the parliament Nikos Voutsis, Saturday. Rodolfos Moronis was the government’s proposition to occupy the position of vice-president in the pending media watchdog. Opposition party New Democracy (ND) immediately rejected the proposal, claiming the candidate did not fulfil the necessary requirements to hold the post. Both PASOK and To Potami parties were also negative to the government’s proposal. In oder for the NCRTV to take form, a 4/5 majority is necessary to be achieved in the Council of Presidents in the parliament. It is clear that the government’s attempt has fallen through. Polydoras called for the formation of the new NCRTV with all its responsibilities arising from the Greek constitution, a condition to which the Greek PM agreed. “Reinstating full control to the NCRTV of course includes the organisation of a tender for the TV licenses”, Polydoras told reporters after the meeting at the Maximos Hall. The experienced statesman said he was honoured for being proposed, dubbing the whole situation that had arisen with the TV licenses as “a short-circuiting”. He expressed the will to communicate with all political leaders and lay out his views to the President of the Hellenic Republic.