Govt’s Parallel Program casts shadow over EWG

The measures to combat the humanitarian crisis may end up costing Greece the 1-bn-bailout tranche despite the adoption of the prior actions

The Euro Working Group is set to confirm whether Greece has executed the second prior actions required to unlock a 1-bln-euro bailout tranche. Members of EU finance ministries of the Eurogroup Working Group will hold a teleconference on Thursday to decide on Greece.

A positive result would mean a normal Christmas for all, but the process is not expected to be simple as members of the four institutions of creditors (EC, ECB, IMF, ESM) appear to be perturbed that the Greek government did not evaluate the cost of another round of measures that are part of the government’s Parallel Program that were brought to Greek parliament.

Alternate Finance Minister George Chouliarakis maintained that the measures are aimed at combatting the humanitarian crisis, however lenders are eyeing the parallel measures with suspicion.