Greece 2nd most popular destination globally in online searches!

Second only to Croatia

Greece is the second most popular holiday destination in the world in terms of the volume of internet searches from travelers from around the world. According to a survey by “teflSearch” website, which is dedicated to providing assistance to English-language teachers in finding jobs abroad. teflSearch explored specific search terms, such as “holidays in France,” and translated them into the local language of each country, measuring how often they were used to search on Google, Naver and Baidu. The data revealed that 2.54% of the total of those searching had picked Greece, second only to Croatia, which garnered 2.71% of the total searches. The data showed that the top 5 searches on the list concerned countries with warm climates.

1. Croatia (2.71%)
2. Greece (2.54%)
3. Turkey (2.47%)
4. Thailand (2.47%)
5. Spain (1.99%)
6. Italy (21.90%)
7. Cuba (1.85%)
8. Portugal (1.66%)
9. Malta (1.65%)
10. USA (1.65%)

To the question “where would you travel if you were already living in a heavenly destination” Greece came in 4th, with 7.4%, after the Maldives, Thailand and Malta. Greece was also the third most popular holiday choice for the Germans, with 4.7% following Turkey (10.6%) and Croatia (8.3%), while it came on 3rd in terms of online seacrhes for the Russians with an 8.2% share, after Turkey (18.6%) and Montenegro (8.7%). The French (4.3%) picked Greece as their 4th most popular destination for their holidays in their online searches, with Spain (16.1%), Portugal (11%) and Italy (5.4%) taking the other top spots. Finally, the Brits had Greece as their 9th best pick in terms of their online search with 3.3%, who selected Britain as their best destination.