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“Greece is a fly against the giant Turkey”, says Erdogan’s top adviser

Bulut peddles conspiracy that the US wants Greece to attack Turkey

In the latest of Turkish official’s incendiary statements against Greece, president Erdogan’s senior adviser Yigit Bulut dubbed Greece a fly compared to Turkey. Commenting on the recent incident in the Aegean Sea during an interview with state TV TRT, when a Turkish ship tried to ram a Greek coastguard boat near the islets of Imia, he said “Greece was a fly that was trying to go up against a giant Turkey”, adding that the consequences would be terrible for Greece.

In the interview, he presented the conspiracy theory that the United States was planning to push Greece to attack Turkey, while the Turkish military was involved in operations in Afrin in Syria, warning, however, that the response by Turkey would be harsh.

Mr Erdogan’s adviser had recently threatened Greek PM Alexis Tsipras, as well as other Greek politicians against setting foot on the islets of Imia, as Turkey would break their legs and arms.

  • Sinan Hiseni


    • themanews

      So, you really believe that Greece wants to…invade Turkey? You actually buy that? Oh, dear…

  • Stan the man

    Edrogan get a real advisor. The man Bulut is an idiot. Calling Greece a fly that fly went against Italy .albania on the west front .and Germany and Bulgaria on the east front by metaxa defense lines in 1940 ,1941. Don’t be so cocky don’t ever unestimate The enemy ,that’s the beginning of loosing the war ;as mr musolini the giant did in 1940 and if Germany dint come rescue the Italians the Greeks might had coffee in Rome not in Athens as Italy said before the war , mr adviser the giant turkey has to fight a nation with jets navy artillery tanks , so Farr I see Kurds use only AK47 rifles , Cyprus had nothing of the above just national guards and you call that a giant?be real man .when your pilots get chase by enemy jets so your navy ships get torpedo by a sub , we see how tall turkey is .