Greece not good enough, lose to US team (69-53) in China World Cup

The Greek team now needs a win against the Czech team

All hype, no substance. Although that might sound a little harsh, it is probably a fitting description of Greece’s lacklustre, and quite honestly disappointing performance in China against a mediocre, yet well-coached and determined US team in the second group stage of the basketball World Cup on Saturday.

Many expected the match between the two sides to be at least competitive. But after the second quarter those expectations were quickly dispelled, as the Greek team scarcely put up a fight when the Americans took a double digit lead. The Greek team were easily defeated (69-53) and need a win by a 12-point margin against a Czech team that blew Brazil off the court earlier by 22 points (93-71) to advance to the final 8 phase.

Whenever Greece appeared to cut the deficit and come close to the Americans the will, energy, focus, skill and quite evidently the physical prowess, to overturn the match and get their nose in front, was simply not there. Giannis Antetokounmpo tried and posted some respectable figures, but his teammates, especially the perimeter shooting was below par.