Greece vs. Turkey: Greece issues NOTAM for Aegean Sea in response to Turkish Navtex!

Tit for tat, as things “heat up” in the Aegean Sea

The issuing of a NOTAM (Notice to Airmen) by the Greek Air Force and Navy restricting large regions across the Aegean Sea for intermittent periods from March 6 until the end of April is seen as a response to a Turkish NAVTEX that covered areas in the central Aegean Sea designated for military drills with real munitions.
With NOTAM A0585 / 18, Greece binds areas all over the Aegean reaching up to the east coast of Crete, restricting the airspace and part of Athens FIR.
Turkey issued a NOTAM blocking off the Aegean on March 25 (Greek national day of Independence from the Ottomans) and on Good Friday, which contrasts with the Papoulias-Yilmaz accord that provided for the absence of military exercises on national anniversaries and religious celebrations.