Greek Education Minister: Private Universities offer bad quality and operate for profit alone

The leftist Minister said the private universities were an import from America

Greek Education Minister Kostas Gavroglou unleashed an attack on private universities during a speech in parliament, claiming they were only interested in making profits and not providing quality education.
Taking a cue from former ANEL MP Papachristopoulos, who argued the leading US and EU universities had resulted in the creation of huge income inequality around the world, the leftist Minister posed a question addressed at major opposition party ND: “Do you want to post my answer to Facebook for the citizens to see? Mr. Dimoschakis, you are also involved in the incredible ideological concept of private non-profit institutions. Private universities are for-profit institutions, they simply do not share profits. So, let us not hide behind our finger.”
“Let’s see where they are in Europe… the quality of private universities is very poor – they are not a European tradition, they are basically from America, and Greek universities can manage money from charitable foundations,” he added.