Greek football league to use Video Assistant Referee (VAR) in new season

Cost of installing system to be covered by Greek state

Greek football could be turning a new leaf in terms of its credibility, following the decision to adopt the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) system in the new season. The decision was reached after Minister of Digital Policy, Telecommunications and Media Nikos Pappas met with George Vassiliadis, Deputy Minister of Culture and Sports, and the President of the Greek Football Federation (EPO), Vangelis Grammenos on Thursday. Mr. Grammenos submitted a timetable as to how the plan would be implemented.

The huge costs involved in installing the system had made the implementation of the plan difficult, but Mr. Pappas revealed that the total cost would be covered by including the project in the Public Investment Programme after getting the Finance Ministry’s approval.

Greek football has been marred by rumours and whispers of corruption for a long time. Meanwhile, a call to tender is expected to be issued for all the parties interested in making a bid to run the project,l while the Greek Football Association and FIFA will undertake the training of Greek referees.