Greek high school world champions in “Land Rover 4×4” challenge (video)

Malaysia and Portugal came in second and third

A team of high-school students from Greece received top honours in the global challenge “Land Rover 4×4”.
NewGen Motors from the Philothei High School was crowned World Champion at the Land Rover 4×4 in Schools finals held in Coventry, England on Monday evening.

The challenge involved between three and six team members working together to design and build a radio-controlled four-wheel drive (4×4) vehicle, to set specifications. The vehicle must be able to successfully negotiate a specially designed test track emulating real life and it must perform as a full-scale 4×4 vehicle would do in an off-road situation.

The specifications of the challenge provided that the vehicle had to have features similar to those of a real 4×4 and could be driven remotely and successfully cross a difficult off-road racing circuit with real obstacles.
In the final, 22 teams from a total of 14 countries competed against each other, with the victorious Greek team winning a scholarship for engineering studies at Harper Adams University in the UK, while the teams were also able to meet with the Land Rover management technicians who informed them about possible future job openings in the company.
The Greek team was made of Vassilis Mesimeris (captain), Hermes Marinis (design engineer), Anna Karamaliki (marketing officer), Stephanos Kaioulis (stand manager), Georgina Sofianou (Public Relations Officer) and Giorgos Tsami (responsible for equipment and development ).

Malaysia and Portugal came in second and third, respectively.

Watch the moment they were awarded the top prize.

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