Greek MoD Kammenos and U.S Ambassador Pyatt in front of MQ-9 UAVs at Larissa military airbase

Visit reaffirms close strategic ties between two countries

Greek Defence Minister Panos Kammenos visited the 110 Battle Wing in Larissa on Thursday accompanied by U.S Ambassador to Greece Geoffrey Pyatt.
Mr Kammenos stated that the facilities would act as one of the bases of Greece’s and the U.S collaboration.
Mr Kammenos said the presence of the top American diplomat at the base proved the strategic cooperation between Greece and the U.S in the framework of NATO, as well as in the context of a poweful stabilising axis in the wider region of the Mediterranean Sea. “It is a pillar of cooperation in which Greece plays a core role in the south with close ties with Israel via Cyprus, with Egypt via Jordan, as well as the United Arab Emirates”, Mr Lammenos said. On his part, the U.S Ambassador thanked the Minister, Admiral Apostolakis and General Christodoulou for the chance to visit the base.
“This visit is an opportunity for me to spend some time with the American personnel who are here as part of our temporary deployment of MQ-9s. But it is also an opportunity for me to say thank you to the men and women of the 110th here for the excellent cooperation that they have demonstrated with this deployment.”

“.. it also illustrates the role that Greece plays as a pillar of stability, as a strong NATO ally, and as a country who has excellent geography and excellent capabilities. So we, as the United States Government, are committed to building on that foundation, working with our Greek allies to accomplish and maintain security and stability across the wider Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean region. Thank you very much”, Mr Pyatt said.