Greek model who slept with 4,000+ women says he couldn’t flirt in Iran because of the laws

The model was in the country for a movie shoot

Greek male model Giannis Spaliaras, the ultimate lover who in the past boasted he had slept with over 4,000 women – but who is counting, he said back then – says he could not flirt while in Iran recently because it was not allowed.

The model, who as of late has been pursuing a career in acting abroad, took part in a movie production in Iran and informed the viewers of a show on Open TV that he was finding it difficult in the Muslim-majority country as it was forbidden to flirt with women.

“In Iran, where I was, flirting was forbidden. They have a religious law and it is forbidden for a man to greet a woman with a handshake, while it is even forbidden to look at a woman “, he told the hostess of the show called “Eftichite-Be Happy”.

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