Greek passport in the top 10 strongest in the world

Singapore takes first spot

Greece has one of the strongest passports in the world as it ranked 7th with Australia and New Zealand (153 points), according to a new ranking by global advisory firm Arton Capital.
The tropical island-nation of Singapore, however, boasts the world’s strongest passport. It’s the first time an Asian country has topped the list.
Citizens of the Southeast Asian financial hub are able to enter the highest number of countries visa-free or with a visa on arrival, making Singapore’s passport the most powerful.
Singaporeans don’t need visas for many countries that Americans do, including China, Cuba, and Brazil. Germany ranked second, followed by Sweden and South Korea in third place. Meanwhile, Japan and the U.K. were among the nations tied in the fourth tier. The U.S. was in the sixth tier of countries in Arton Capital’s study alongside Malaysia, Ireland and Canada.
Earlier this year, Arton Capital’s index showed Singapore and Germany tied for first place but the city-state was propelled to the lone number one spot after Paraguay recently removed visa requirements, Arton Capital said on Wednesday.
Historically, the most powerful passports have mostly been European, according to the index.