Greek pilots better than Turks, says HAF Chief of Staff (videos)

Addressing reporters in press briefing

“We are simply better than the Turks”, said the Chief of the Hellenic Air Force General Staff, Lieutenant General Christos Christodoulou during a press briefing. Responding to a question on whether he feared a shift in the balance of military power over the Aegean Sea, the commander of the Hellenic Air Force promised that there would “never be a pair of ‘red wings’ in the air without a pair of blue ones intercepting it”. “Quality is not only measured by the means. It is mainly judged by the human factor. This is a force multiplier. Ane when it comes to human resources we are always better”, he said. Commenting on the upgrading of the F-16 fighter jets, Mr. Christodoulou said it was something that was long overdue, adding, however, that it was better late than never. On the issue of whether there would an upgrade of the current S-300 missile system to the more advanced S-400 he denied it, saying that the decision was made to provide the current system with the necessary technical support.