Greek PM goes for a swim in Kalogroa beach (photos)

The MP was in the Peloponnese for the official opening of Patrick Leigh Fermor’s house

We might be well into October with the summer behinds us, but the Greek Prime Minister took advantage of the beautiful warm weather and enjoyed one last (?) swim in the sea.

Mr Mitsotakis was in Kardamyli, Southeast Peloponnese on Saturday where he attended the inauguration of Patrick Leigh Fermor’s house. On Sunday morning, the PM and his wife Mareva decided to go for quick dip in the sea with some friends at the famous beach of Kalogria.

The PM and his party were spotted at the beach by the newspaper Tharros which published the photos. According to the report, several people talked to him, while a group of young people approached him as the PM was coming out of the sea and conversed with him for quite a while.