Greek PM Tsipras: Turkey should stop illegal actions

Greek PM says government is doing everything it needs to to bring back two Greek soldiers imprisoned in Turkey

Greek PM Alexis Tsipras called on Turkey to stop its illegal actions from the island of Psara where he attended the parade for the anniversary of Greek Independence Day on Sunday, March 25.

“Greece has a strong deterrent force, not to threaten but to ensure peace and stability in the region,” the Prime Minister stressed in his speech from Psara in the North Aegean region.

“A day like today is a one that we must pay tribute to all men and women, the young soldiers from one end of the country to the other who are defending our national integrity and sovereignty 24 hours a day”, the prime minister continued.
Mr Tsipras went on to says that the thoughts of all were with the two Greek soldiers who were imprisoned in a maximum security prison in Adrianople. “I want to assure them and the Greek people that our thoughts, not only today that we are celebrating our freedom but every day are with them and we are doing everything needed so that they can return home.”