Greek Prime Minister Tsipras: “Reform in health sector ’emblematic'”

“The social state was ravaged during the years of the memoranda”


Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras characterised “emblematic” the reform in the health sector, speaking on Thursday in parliament.

“We implement step by step a strategic plan to exit the crisis and we are on the course for the final and irrevocable end of the memorandums in a year from now” said Tsipras during the debate on the draft bill on health.

“The re-foundation of the social state that was ravaged during the years of the memoranda constitutes an essential part of the new era for the country in order to offer quality services to all citizens without income and class barriers”.

The total access to the public goods independent of the income, social class or origin is a fundamental principle of the Greece we dream of. We gave and continue to give a battle to bring closer this dream in conditions of fiscal suffocation” underlined Tsipras.