Greek singer Antoniadis: Women throw themselves at me despite me being married

The popular singer talked about his romantic exploits

Greek popular singer Christos Antoniadis revealed how women would ‘throw’ themselves at him in unbridled passion in his career, while talking about his ‘erotic successes’ among other things.

The singer spoke on camera to the show “Love It”, and revealed he had only once been turned down by a woman before tying the knot with his wife Aphrodite Tsonou, adding “All of what happened in the past is incomparable with his wife”.

Continuing about how his female fans reacted whenever they meet him he said: “They do not care about if I am married, or if I am wearing a wedding rings, or about the coronavirus, or from anything. They just reach out and touch you wherever they can,” the singer explained.

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Christos Antoniadis said that “Even the best have defeats at some point,” referring to the only time a woman had rejected his flirtation.

As to whether his fans have ever made him uncomfortable he said: “Of course it happens all the time. Wherever I go, whenever I go, there will be someone who wants something more.”