Greek tanker attacked in Cameroon – Five Greek sailors have been taken hostage

They were no armed guards aboard

A Greek-flagged tanker ‘HAPPY LADY’ was attacked on Tuesday morning. The ship was anchored two nautical miles from the port of Limboh in Cameroon resulting in the abduction of eight of its 28 crew members.

Among the abducted are five Greek nationals. They are the 45-year-old captain of the ship, the 26-year-old lieutenant, the 38-year-old second engineer and one 20 and one 21-year-old crew member.

One Greek was injured during the incident, who was taken to a local hospital and his condition is not of concern. His injury is the result of a bullet ricochet.

Among those abducted are two Filipinos and one Ukrainian.

As soon as the incident was reported to the Operations Center of the Hellenic Coast Guard, the competent services of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs were informed.

The tanker is owned by Thanassis Martinos’ East Med company and was carrying fuel. They were no armed guards aboard.