Greek woman buried alive by accident

The cancer patient, a mother of two, yelled for help from her coffin after the funeral

Northern Greek police are investigating a cemetery worker’s testimony that a woman was buried alive in Thessaloniki on Thursday. The 49-year-old woman was buried alive and shortly revived in her grave shortly after her funeral. Witnesses heard a faint voice coming from beneath the earth, calling for help.

“Help! Save me!” yelled a muffled voice from the grave. She died before she could be extracted.

A man and two women visiting the cemetery heard banging and a muffled call from the coffin where the woman, a cancer patient, was laid to rest. They immediately informed officials but the woman showed no signs of life by the time her coffin had been dug up. A doctor was summoned to the cemetary and pronounced the woman officially dead.

The mother of two had been declared dead earlier after being hospitalized at a private clinic in Thessaloniki. A coroner will now examine the body to determine the real cause of death.

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